March 14, 2007

Cover-up of Women Soldiers’ Deaths

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The scandal at Walter Reed Army Medical Center has called into question the Bush administration’s “support” for our troops. But it doesn’t stop there. On March 8, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! broadcast the testimony of former Abu Ghraib commander Col. Janis Karpinski as she responded to my questioning at a January 2006 war crimes commission in New York. Karpinski said American women soldiers in Iraq who had to go outside to use the latrine at night were raped by male soldiers. They stopped drinking water after 4:00 in the afternoon to avoid having to urinate. But in the 120-degree heat, some died of dehydration. Then, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez ordered that dehydration not be listed as the cause of death. See my article, “Military Hides Cause of Women Soldiers’ Deaths,”… for more details on this shocking cover-up.