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Texas Anti-Abortion Law

Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting

Julian Assange – US Appeal of Extradition Denial

GOP Using Recall Rules to Thwart Democracy

Veterans for Peace
Agent Orange, Julian Assange, killer drones:

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Report of Commission on Systemic Racist Police Violence:

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Supreme Court Guts Voting Rights Act:

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Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare:

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Israeli War Crimes

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Debrief on Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial

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Julian Assange and Edward Snowden

Trump’s Second Impeachment

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Trump’s Violent Insurrection

Trump’s Attempted Coup and Criminal Call to Georgia Secretary of State

Julian Assange (with Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry’s) – starts at 35:00

Trump’s Attempted Electoral Coup

Amy Coney Barrett’s Nomination

Ginsburg’s Legacy & Future of Supreme Court

RBG’s Legacy, The 40 Ways to Fight Fascists & Generation Priced Out
Will Partisan Battle to Fill Ginsburg’s Seat Sully US Supreme Court’s Image?
The fate of the Affordable Care Act will be decided by the Supreme Court in November, plus Trump’s nominee

Trump’s Federal Troops in Portland

On Portland Secret Police
 Legal Remedies to Federal Troops in the Streets

Black Lives Matter Protesters Sue to Vindicate Constitutional Rights

Assange, Trump’s Use of Troops in US, Trump Judges, ICC

Supreme Court’s Abortion Case (Starts at 1:34)

Supreme Court’s Decision In Pipeline, Gun Cases

Supreme Court’s Landmark LGBTQ ruling

Will Berniecrats Support Biden? US Sanctions on Iran and Venezuela.

War Powers Act Resolution on Iran

Letters and Politics, KPFA radio

War Powers Act Resolution on Iran

Assassination of Suleimani

Urban View, Sirius XM Radio
The Critical Hour, Radio Sputnik

House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearing

CounterSpin, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
 Between the Lines, Counter Point
KPFA Radio

Maguire Testimony, Whistleblower Complaint and Impeachment

Impeachment Inquiry

Ukraine Gate

Afghanistan’s Unending War


Reactions from Iran and Honduras: What Do You Expect?


Mueller Report

War Crimes In Yemen

Marjorie Cohn on US Bombing of Syria & Israeli Killing of Palestinians in Gaza

Marjorie Cohn on Drones, Beverly Bell on Honduran Environmental Resistance

As some US media re-engage the drone debate, the discussion is over how and where drones should be used—not whether they should be.

Marjorie Cohn on ISIS AUMF, Laura Flanders on Worker Co-Ops

Would an Authorization of Use of Military Force actually make attacks against ISIS legal? And are such attacks really the solution to the crisis?

Mary Bottari on ALEC Exposed, Marjorie Cohn on prison hunger strike

A hunger strike by California prisoners against what they say are torturous and abusive conditions has gotten little national coverage despite the grave charges, which have gained some support from independent experts.

Glenn Greenwald and Marjorie Cohn on the Elena Kagan nomination

Barack Obama has announced his pick for Supreme Court justice—former Harvard Law School dean and Solicitor General Elena Kagan. And the media debates have begun: about her record, her credentials and her likely impact on the court. We’ll sort through some of what you’re hearing and perhaps what you aren’t hearing in a conversation with court watchers Glenn Greenwald, of and author and law professor Marjorie Cohn.

Marjorie Cohn on Iraq torture scandal, Joe Conason on Kerry coverage

The White House is trying to contain the story that Iraqi prisoners were abused, tortured and even killed while in US custody by claiming the actions were isolated exceptions. Instead of raising tough questions, and probing the legal aspects of the case, many journalists are simply reporting the story from the point of view of how it affects U.S. interests. Law Professor Marjorie Cohn will join the show to talk about the story.

Justice For All With Host Attorney George Yates & Marjorie Cohn

These two interviews with Professor Cohn focus on Drones and Targeted Killings and Cameras in the Courtroom.