Professor Cohn frequently discusses the issues of the day on television, radio, online, and at public gatherings. Here is a sampling of her videotaped interviews and lectures.

Crisis in Ukraine with Marjorie Cohn, Medea Benjamin and Richard Falk

The Prosecution of Julian Assange

View: The Prosecution of Julian Assange: Is the First Amendment at Risk?

Assange and Free Speech: Amy Goodman, Marjorie Cohn and Jody Armour

Understanding the Crisis in Ukraine

View: Understanding the Crisis in Ukraine

The Supreme Court and Controversial Decisions

Texas Anti-Abortion Law (Muslim Network TV)

Julian Assange

Panel with Assange’s father and brother
University of North Carolina Law School

10-year anniversary of Iraq War Logs

Fascism Is Coming to America

Can Trump Steal the Election

William Barr Defends Trump in Congressional Testimony

View: William Barr Defends Trump in Congressional Testimony

The World After COVID: International Accountability

Trump’s Use of Troops in US (Naomi Wolf)

Free Julian Assange

Senate Impeachment Trial

View: Law Professor: Trump Could Also Have Been Impeached for War Crimes, Assassinations & Corruption

Impeachment Hearings

Will Ukraine Scandal Bring Trump Down?

US Terrorism Watch List Unconstitutional

Trump’s Immigration Policies

Attorney General William Barr


Killing of Jamal Khashoggi

View: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has described the killing of Jamal Khashoggi as a “heinous” crime and denies all knowledge and involvement.

Trump Judges

Trump Threatens Iran

The New Cold War

Boston Marathon Bombing Case

Bush Administration War Crimes:

View: C-span 2 Book TV, Cowboy Republic book, Washington DC, October 29, 2007

Cameras In the Courtroom:

Citizens United

Drones and targeted killing:

View: C-SPAN2, Drones and Targeted Killing  March 19, 2016
View: C-SPAN2, Legal Challenge to Drone Strikes  November 16, 2016




View: Congressional Testimony

Vietnam and Agent Orange:

War on Terror:

View: C-SPAN2, Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules  May 6, 2016



View: C-SPAN2, Media Coverage of War  April 6, 2013